13 Worst Celebrity Makeup and Photoshop Fails

Celebrities are far from being perfect. Even the biggest stars rely on makeup and photo editing to look their best. Worst Celebrity Makeup and Photoshop Fails

However, these tricks often backfire, causing hilarious makeup and Photoshop fails. Check out our selection of embarrassing moments and their brutal consequences!

Worst Celebrity Makeup and Photoshop Fails

Things aren’t always what they seem, especially when it comes to underwear ads.

Bieber fans suffered a heart attack when their favorite star was exposed as being a big lousy liar. As you notice, the Canadian was unsatisfied with the results of the initial shoot and requested extra Photoshop work to be carried out to make him look buff.

Bieber denied the evidence and considered himself the victim of an Internet hoax. Guess someone should bring a ruler and settle this with a bit of help from the metric system!

Questioning his size makes it clear that Biebs still has some growing up to do.


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